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resix: and MENTIONING ME Jun 24, 2020 15:38:19 GMT -5
resix: HELLO ZAC I MISS U Jun 24, 2020 15:38:25 GMT -5
Sheepy: Wait I logged on for memory sake and people came back as well? :'( my heart Jul 8, 2020 20:15:09 GMT -5
Sheepy: Man I miss cheyenne Jul 8, 2020 20:16:54 GMT -5
Digizel: You're not the only one xD Jul 17, 2020 22:46:04 GMT -5
zacariah: Well shit. I thought I was rambling into the void, but now I turn around and not only see multiple people were watching me, but one of them was even someone I mentioned! That's some anime bullshit if ever I've seen it. Jul 29, 2020 20:53:55 GMT -5
zacariah: Thank goodness I started my weird 'undead zac' rp on the doubly dead aethra board rather than on here, cause it would have been a lot more embarrassing if people had seen me rping with myself. Jul 29, 2020 20:54:53 GMT -5
zacariah: I actually came back today to continue that dumb rp but then I saw people responded here and now I'm distracted D: Jul 29, 2020 20:56:14 GMT -5
zacariah: also thank goodness I said nice stuff about resix and wasn't all "OH AND FUCK RESIX I HATED HER" or something cause that would have been really uncomfortable. :'D Jul 29, 2020 20:59:57 GMT -5
zacariah: wait hold up, RESIX WAS ARI FROM QUEBEC? I just realised you could possibly know whether my brain just randomly made up that backstory for Ari or if that was legit info I inexplicably remembered. I have a god awful memory, so it's probably made up Jul 29, 2020 21:41:26 GMT -5
zacariah: but you never know. Jul 29, 2020 21:41:31 GMT -5
Sheepy: Well I for one am very curious about this...undead zac rp haha Aug 26, 2020 8:28:20 GMT -5
Sheepy: Be vary as there are always people lurking around here Aug 26, 2020 8:28:33 GMT -5
Sheepy: Pretty certain Ari was from Quebec from what the ol' brain cells remember Aug 26, 2020 8:29:08 GMT -5
Sheepy: I even managed to find my old skype and got logs on all the old chats as well :( Aug 26, 2020 8:29:39 GMT -5
Sheepy: I miss everyone a lot Aug 26, 2020 8:30:35 GMT -5
Digizel: Oof. I definitely remember my time here pretty fondly. Being a mod was pretty fun until I got too busy irl to maintain my duties xD Aug 29, 2020 11:47:09 GMT -5
zacariah: Sheepy mvp! confirming my memory isn't as bad as I thought. As for the undead rp, I just randomly rejoined and started rping with myself. Went to ranger station, rng gave me a yamask. Yamask's pokedex entry says it possesses people that wear it Aug 29, 2020 12:21:23 GMT -5
zacariah: and zac's a moron, so now Zac's roaming through an abandon region, possessed by a ghost and just being some weird undead dude. :'D Aug 29, 2020 12:22:09 GMT -5
zacariah: I agree digizel! This site was definitely one of my favourite places to be back in the day. Aug 29, 2020 12:25:08 GMT -5